About Us

La Herramienta Industrial

In La Herramienta Industrial we are leaders in the manufacture and distribution of industrial products worldwide, with final customers in three continents: America, Africa and Europe. We are specialized in machinery and industrial supply for wide industrial sectors.

More than 80 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied industrial clients endorse our know-how. Speed, professionalism, a vast catalog and an integral logistics, together with the high specialization of our human team, are the characteristics that best define La Herramienta Industrial. We work with leading brands and offer our clients a specialized service that follows our philosophy: speed, professionalism and quality of service.

Grupo Silgest

La Herramienta Industrial belongs to the SILGEST GRUPO, group to which also belong two other specialized companies in different areas of the industrial world. Pertesa, specializing in the industrial supply of personal protective equipment (EPIS); and La Herramienta Express, specializing in industrial hardware supplies with very short lead times.

Speed, experience, good service and professionalism
Trust in La Herramiuenta Industrial is to rely on a great specialist leader in the industrial world.
Core Values

Nowadays, our headquarters have more than 5000 m² of facilities, we have offices in America, Africa and Europe, and we offer service to more than 1000 companies around the world. Our catalog has over 100,000 references. The quality of our products is backed by strict controls to which we submit to all our suppliers, carried out in each company of the Group. In this way we can offer an official guarantee and an ISO 9001: 2008 certification for the quality management of all our processes.

Provide industry solutions by providing our customers with the latest technology in equipment, improving their production capacity, increasing the efficiency of their processes and ensuring the safety of their employees.
Provide a competitive advantage as a trusted business partner to our customers. Provide the highest reliability, efficiency and efficiency in the supply of equipment for the industry.
Innovation, responsibility, excellence, respect: We adapt to change, promote health and safety, seek continuous improvement as strategic allies of our clients and suppliers.
Prestige of the brand both inside and outside Spain, loyalty of customers and suppliers, good faith towards consumers, customers and society in general and information transparency.

Specialized Advice

In modern industry, strict compliance with regulations is increasingly required. Nowadays, due to the rapid technological evolution, it is difficult to be in the current of the new legislations, the methods of analysis and their implications within the industry. Our methodology of work and the products that are developed in the result of the demands of the market, and the search for quality standards. We help our clients achieve their objectives, through the analysis of their needs and our extensive knowledge of the market.

The companies that form the Silgest Group have a team of highly specialized experts in the different sectors and in which we work. In The Industrial Tool, Pertesa, and The Tool Express the advice for those who work with quality products and who are in line with the application of the various regulations.

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Advice on processes.
Suitable machinery to activity.
Suitable tool to activity.
Start-up & maintenance.

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On different sectors.
On industrial & environmental.
On Personal Protective Equipment.
On the different countries.

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Parameters of operation & operability.
Necessary items on the job.
Advice on personal protection equipment.
Risks evaluation.

Own workshop

The Silgest Group has a large own workshop at its Headquarters in Palencia, which covers an area of 100 m², dealing with different areas such as the start-up of machinery, revision, replacement of parts, stamping and personalization of clothing Of work, etc. Also from here the management of the guarantee is carried out, as much of the products of own manufacture as those of the other brands that we commercialize. All these actions are carried out by an experienced and highly specialized team.

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Start Up

First steps.
Start-up and verification.
Training of its personnel in the use of it.

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Spare parts.
After-sales service.
Operation and function.

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Official guarantee of all products.
We only sell leading brands.
Maintenance and repair.
Original spare parts and accessories.


Logistics Services

Modern logistics is a complex network that requires intelligence, scalability and sustainability. As a logistics provider for a complete and professional service, we apply this approach in the Silgest Group. Our professionals identify the transport and logistics services that best fit your request. A wide range of options allows us to ensure that your order finds the best balance between cost and urgency.

How do we make this possible? The Silgest Group has an extensive network of logistics support companies, which allows us to provide global logistics services. Orders are transported by air, sea and land. Upon confirmation of the order, our multilingual team will advise you personally. Specialized personnel will guarantee the good handling of the load.

If you need it, we also take care of the regular transport between our warehouse and its production center (door to door). Naturally, we synchronize schedules and develop an individual concept for you that adapts to local conditions, such as accessibility, distances, weather, etc. We are certified with ISO 9001: 2008.

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Ground transportation

We own own fleet.
Transport by national and international roads.
Special or heavy transport.
Cargo insurance for all types of transport.
Storage and distribution services.

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Marine transport

Versatile and affordable sea cargo transportation.
Management of large loads
Exportation and importation
Cargo insurance for all types of transport.

Air transport

Fast, safe and reliable.
The most efficient shipping and transit.
Export and import of products worldwide.
Cargo insurance for all types of transport.
Storage and distribution services.