Manual Tools

All SPX Bolting Systems products are designed and developed using the latest computer aided technology which ensures we remain at the forefront of product development. Our success to date has identified us as the world leader in the manufacture of Hydraulic Bolting Products. We continually set new industry standards. All our products are designed with the operator in mind and we encourage feedback. Our designers are fully aware of the environment our tools are utilized in and this is reflected by the ever increasing number of service organizations who choose to operate our equipment in the most arduous conditions.

Torque Wrenches
Reliability, best quality, low weight, high strength torque wrenches are the most versatile torque wrenches in industry.

– TWHC High Cycle Torque Wrench: from ¾” 230 Nm to 2” ½ 71.816 Nm
– TWSD: Square Drive Torque Wrench: from ¾” 211 Nm to 2” ½ 33.198 Nm
– TWLC: Low Clearance Torque Wrench: from 1” 1/8 256 Nm to 6” 1/16 39.024 Nm.

Economy range of bolt tensioner reduces operator fatigue, saving time and improving safety and productivity offer low cost tensioning solutions

– SRT: Top Side Tensioner: from M-20 to M-115
– MRT: Bolt Tensioner Manual Return: from M-24 to M-100
– WDD: Wind Tensioner Up Tower: from M-30 to M-42
– WSD: Wind Tensioner Compact Tower: from M-30 to M-42
– WSS & WSL: Wind Tensioner Foundation: bar size up to 1” 3/8
– SST: Subsea Stud Tensioner: from M-20 to M-100
– SBT: Segmented Bolt Tensioner.

Air and Electric Powered Torque Pumps.

– PE45 Infinity Series Electric Pump.
– PA60 Infinity Series Air Pump.
– PE39 Compact Electric Torque Wrench Pump.
– PE55TWP Classic Series Electric Hydraulic Pump.
– X1E1-PT Legacy Series Electric Hydraulic Pump.
– RWP55-BS Classic Series Air Hydraulic Pump
– X1A1-PT Legacy Series Air Hydraulic Pump.
– PE8 High Pressure Electric Pump.
– HPUTP-1 Standard Flow Tensioner Pump.
– HPUTP-2 High Flow & Subsea Tensioner Pump.
– HPUHP150001 High Pressure Hand Pump

Nut Splitters
Best solutions of removing corroded, and toughest fused or rusted nuts

– ENS: Nut Splitter: from M-20 to M-90
– HNS: 15 – 25 Ton Nut Splitter: up to 2” ¼

Tensioners, Flange Pullers, Spreaders

– Offshore Hydraulic Spreader Kit
– FLS15 & FLS15-ST: Lightweight Flange Spreaders.
– Topside Hydraulic Spreader Kit
– Hydraulic Spreaders: 1 – 1 1/2 Ton Spreader
– HFS: 5 – 10T Pipe Flange Spreader
– EHN Hydraulic Nut
– SFP Subsea Flange Pullers

We won’t remain good if we don’t strive to be constantly better. Remaining true to this claim we have come up with a fresh presentation for bundling our skills: Thestrength of the entire company group is fused into one powerful brand – GEDORE. Along with the tried-and-tested portfolio, this catalogue has numerous new product ideas. They again reveal how successful a connection is – the innovation potential of which is built on the sound foundation of a lengthy track record and second-tonone manufacturer competence. SFor practically 100 years now, our customer have placed maximum demands on our products as regards material, design, processing, precision, strength and durability. And these equirements continue to define and determine our standards in realising our vision: One of people across the world working more safely and productively – with GEDORE tools. As no other brand can do, GEDORE stands for maximum quality, local presence, technical competence and reliability. A good enough reason for you to continue to put your trust in us as the reliable partner at your side – when it’s a matter of using the best possible tools to excellently master the most complex of tasks.

Workshop Equipment

– Workshop Equipment
– Mobile Tool Storage
– Tool Assortments

General Hand Tools

– Spanners
– Sockets and Accessories
– Torque Tools
– Torque Multipliers
– Screwdrivers
– Pliers
– Pullers
– Hammers / Striking Tools
– Workshop Supplies

Occupational Tools

– VDE Insulated Safety Tools
– Installation Tools
– Bending Systems

Torque Tools

– Cordless Torque Wrench LDA/LAW series 90 – 6.000 Nm
– Electric Torque Wrench LDE/LEW series 90 – 13.000 Nm
– Pneumatic Torque Wrench LPK/LPK-X series 80 – 12.800 Nm
– Hydraulic Torque Wrench LDH/LDK series 60 – 27.000 Nm
– Hydraulic Units LHU series up to 800 bar
– Torque Multiplier LKV series 100 – 54.000 Nm
– Counter Wrench LKS series RSW 32-115mm
– Torque Testing Bench Technology LDP series 100 – 15.000 Nm
– Side Power Wrench LES/LPS series For the asssembly of plate heat exchangers
– Gate Valve Wrench LDA-S, LDE-S, LEW-S series For gate valve assembly
– Offshore Torque Wrench LDH/LDK series 120 – 24.000 Nm
– Railway Torque Wrench LDB series up to 1.100 Nm


Eliminate risks from falling tools
Every year falling tools cause thousands of accidents with consequences effecting both health and productivity. Tool solutions specifically suited to working in high places eliminate risks, avoid wasted time and improve productivity. In the nuclear sector, solutions for this type of risk are designated under the term FME (Foreign Material Exclusion).

FACOM has always worked closely with companies from various sectors to develop tooling solutions that perfectly meet user needs. The FACOM Safety Lock System (SLS) is perfect for those who regularly work in elevated locations, assembling and maintaining equipment above ground level.

Accessories SLS – Wrenches – Ratchets – Sockets – Torque control – Screwdrivers – Keys – Pliers –  Measuring – Sawing – Cutting- Hammers

Global Solutions for the Aeronautical sector:
FACOM provides the global aeronautical sector with advanced FOD solutions.

Solutions SMART for all professions:
Safety and productivity are now of paramount importance to industrial professions. The annual estimated impact of FOD (Foreign Object Damage) comes to $13 Bn, with indirect costs often exceeding direct costs. This observation is valid for all sectors, resulting from material and human accidents, production stoppages, late deliveries, etc.

Facom – fluo.

Detectable with a UV lamp, the Fluo range is a simple and unique answer to find your tools when working in dark areas.
– A solution reinforcing safety by reducing the risks of accidents due to lost tools.
– Over 400 product references in the range.

Facom RFID technology.

– Tools directly detectable thanks to a seamlessly integrated chip.
– Optimised traceability, no more lost tools in sensitive areas.
– Automated management of your tooling and its inventory with RFID Facom-Cribmaster technologies.
– A range of over 700 product references.

Power tool solutions for industrial maintenance & repair
FACOM has developed a comprehensive power tools range to meet a vast range of job requirements, including: Industrial maintenance, Mobile maintenance, Metalworking and fabrication, Heavy equipment (Mining and construction) maintenance, Transportation (Aerospace, rolling stock, ship building).

01- Tool sets
02- Roller cabinets – Workshop furniture
03- Toolboxes – Cases – Chests
04- Fixed-size – Adjustable wrenches
05- Ratchets – Sockets – Accessories
06- Torque control
07- Screwdrivers – Keys – Bits
08- Pliers – Circlips pliers – Lock – Grip pliers
09- Metrology – Measuring – Marking out
10- Hammers – Impact tools
11- Sawing – Drilling – Cutting
12- Pullers
13- Lighting
14- Power tools
15- Personal equipment – Maintenance
16- Non – sparking tools
17- Electricity
18- Electronics
19- Automotive
20- Heavy goods / Industrial vehicles
21- Aerospace

Tools at Height

The Tools at Height tethered tools system from Snap-on Industrial increases job site efficiency by preventing tools from being dropped. Tethering prevents injuries, damage to machinery and equipment, and lost production time. Numerous applications include:

– Wind turbines.
– Cranes and telecommunications masts.
– Bridges and power lines.
– Tethering preserves the tools original functionality and quality and can be applied to a wide range of hand and power tools.

Utility Tools

Snap-on Industrial offers a variety of special tools for the utility industry, including:

– Special Hand Tools.
– Composite Insulating Tools.

Aviation and Airframe Tools

Snap-on Industrial offers an unparalleled assortment of tools for aircraft construction, assembly, and maintenance. In addition to hand, power, and torque tools, tool storage and control, and other standard products, we offer a unique assortment of Airframe Tools such as:

– Angle Drills.
– Drill Bushings, Adaptors, and Accessories.
– Microstops.
– Bucking Bars.

Railroad Tools

– Snap-on Industrial offers a variety of special tools for the railroad industry, including:
– Freight Car Specialty Tools
– Track Tools
– Diesel Specialty Tools

Tool Control Systems

– Snap-on Industrial offers the most comprehensive selection of tool control systems available:
– Level 5™ Tool Control Systems.
– TC Max Tool Control Software.
– Mobile Pocket PC.
– Barcode scanners.

Industrial Sets and Set Building Programs

Snap-on Industrial revolutionized the concept of tool sets with its unique set building program. For the first time, there is a progressive way to expand a tool set as the needs of the company and mechanic grow. We offer an extensive selection of tool sets in both fractional and metric sizes, plus:

– Custom Tool Kits, engineered to your specific requirements.
– Modular “Add-on” Sets.
– Matching Chests and Roll Cabinets.
– Tool Control Foam Inserts.

ATI Tools

ATI® Tools is your resource for precision tools and technical support. We listen to our customers. We take an idea and make it a reality, offering custom tooling solutions to meet specific needs. Through our commitment to product and workplace safety, customer care, continuous Research & Development and legendary innovation, we deliver new tools designed for aluminum and today’s advanced composites.

– Military and Commercial Manufacturers
– Airline and MROs
– Airframe and Sheet Metal Mechanics