Power Transmission



We offer everything you need to know about the latest drive automation solutions. From gearmotors and heavy industrial gears, to drive electronics, software and complete drive-based automation systems, we tailor our drive solutions to the needs of your applications. From one source. From the most trusted leaders in the field of drive technology – SEW-EURODRIVE.


Industrial Gears

X Series: Helical and helical-bevel gear unit (0.5 to 1.5 million lb-in)

MC Series: Helical and helical-bevel gear units (53,000 to 570,000 lb-in.)

ML Series: Helical and helical-bevel gear units (up to 805 kNm)

P..2 Series: Helical-bevel planetary gear units (gearmotors)

P.MC Series: Helical-bevel planetary gear units (210,000 to 3,200,000 lb-in)

M series (53,000 to 1,600,000 lb-in.)


Gearmotors and Frequency Inverters

Standard Gearmotors: Helical Gearmotor R Series – Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotor F series – Helical-bevel Gearmotor K Series – Helical-worm Gearmotor S Series – Spiroplan® Gearmotor W Series – VARIMOT® Variable Speed Gearmotor

Motors: AC Motor DRE../DRS../DRP../DRN.. Series – AC Motor DT/DV Series – Aseptic Drives DAS Series


MOVIDRIVE® Drive Inverter: MOVIDRIVE® B Drive Inverter


Servo Technology

Servo Gear Unit / Geared Servomotor: Low backlash Servo Gear Unit / Servo Gearmotor PSF/PSC/BSF Series – System Solutions with Servo Gearmotors

Motors: CMP Synchronous Servomotors – CM / DS Synchronous Servomotors

Servo inverter: MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter – MOVIDRIVE® Single-Axis Servo Inverter



Gearmotors & gearboxes

A complete range of gearmotors, gearboxes and mechanical speed variators for light duty industrial automation applications.


Helical gearmotors & gearboxes

C – Helical Gear motor

F – Shaft mounted gear motor

HDP – Parallel shaft gearbox

S – Single reduction helical gear motor

TA series – Shaft mounted reducer


Bevel helical gearmotors & gearboxes

3/H Series – Combined gearboxes

A – Helical bevel gear motor

HDO – Bevel helical gear reducer

RAN – Bevel gears


Worm gear motors

VF/W – Universal worm gear motor


Planetary gear motors

300 – Planetary gear motor

3/H Series – Combined gearboxes


Industry specific solutions

Atex gearboxes

HDPE – Extruder gearbox

VF-EP/W-EP – Gear motor for hostile environments

V – Mechanical variable speed drive


Precision planetary gearboxes



The Gates Corporation, headquartered in Denver (USA), is a leading manufacturer of hi-tech rubber belts and hoses for industrial, hydraulic, agricultural and automotive applications. Gates not only supplies to all major car and machine manufacturers, but also to the aftermarket. Automotive manufacturing, transport, agriculture, mining, construction, office equipment, computer technology and food processing are the primary industries it serves.


Products and system solutions


V- and Micro-V belts

1 – Delta V-belts                           5 – Premium V-Belts

2 – PowerBand® V-Belts           6 – Micro-V® multi-ribbed belts

3 – Variable speed belts            7 – Polyflex®

4 – Agricultural Belts                   8 – Scooter & recreational vehicle Belts

Synchronous Belts

1 – Poly Chain® belts                  6 – Rubber Synchronous Belts

2 – Polyurethane belts              7 – Linear Synchronous Belting

3 – Linear Flat Belts  8 – Flexible Couplings

4 – Drive system metal components

5 – Poly Chain sprockets

Drive system Tools & Services

1 – Measuring Tools                    3 – Drive design software

2 – Energy and Cost saving programmes

Hydraulic components

1 – Adaptors                                  4 – Couplings

2 – Hose                                           5 – SAM-X

3 – Tube fittings                            6 – Safe hydraulics

Engine hose components

1 – Coolant                                     4 – Fuel hose

2 – Air conditioning                     5 – PowerSteering (PAS)

3 – Air brake

Industrial hose components

1 – Jetting hose                            3 – Petroleum transfer hose

2 – Steam hose                             4 – Acid-chemical hose




OPTIBELT AGRO POWER BKR Variable speed belts – raw edge, moulded cogged.

OPTIBELT AGRO POWER SK-VB High capacity wedge belts – Classical V-belts

OPTIBELT BLUE POWER High-performance wedge belts with aramid cord

OPTIBELT RED POWER 3 S=C Plus High performance V-belts

OPTIBELT SK S=C Plus High performance wedge belts DIN/ISO/BS

OPTIBELT VB S=C Plus Classical V-belts, DIN 2215

OPTIBELT SUPER E-POWER M=S High performance V-belts – raw edge, moulded cogged

OPTIBELT SUPER X-POWER M=S V-belts – raw edge, moulded cogged



OPTIBELT KB BLUE-RED POWER High-performance wedge belts with aramid cord

OPTIBELT KB SK-VB Kraftbands with wedge and classical V-belts

OPTIBELT SUPER KBX-POWER High power kraftbands – raw edge

Rubber Timing Belts

OPTIBELT OMEGA HL-HP-FAN POWER High power timing belts for high torques

OPTIBELT STD – HTD – ZR Timing belts – double timing belts

Polyurethane Timing Belts

OPTIBELT ALPHA High performance, endless timing belts made of cast polyurethane

Ribbed Belts

OPTIBELT RB Ribbed belts


OPTIBELT Taper Bushings

OPTIBELT V-Grooved Pulleys

OPTIBELT V-Grooved Pulleys

OPTIBELT Ribbed Belt Pulleys




As the world leader in developing new bearing technology for over a century, SKF has developed a unique understanding of rotating equipment and how machine components and industrial processes are interrelated. Today SKF provides a wide range of technologies and products to OEM and aftermarket customers around the world, in every major industry, at each phase of the asset lifecycle. For product tables, select Bearings, units and housings; Seals; Coupling systems or Power Transmission products.


Ball bearings

1 – Deep groove ball bearings                                        4 – Y-bearings

2 – Angular contact ball bearings                                  5 – Self-aligning ball bearings

3 – Thrust ball bearings


Roller bearings

1 – Cylindrical roller bearings                      5 – Needle roller bearings

2 – Tapered roller bearings                                             6 – Spherical roller bearings

3 – CARB toroidal roller bearings                                   7 – Cylindrical roller thrust bearings

4 – Needle roller thrust bearings                                  8 – Spherical roller thrust bearings


Bearing accessories

1 – Adapter sleeves                                                           3 – Withdrawal sleeves

2 – Lock nuts


Engineered products

1 – Backing bearings for cluster mills                           5 – Sensor bearing units

2 – Hybrid bearings                                         6 – INSOCOAT bearings

3 – High temperature bearings & bearing units      7 – Polymer ball bearings

4 – Indexing roller units


Track runner bearings

1 – Cam rollers                                                                      3 – Support rollers

2 – Cam followers


Super-precision bearings

1 – Angular contact ball bearings                                  3 – Cylindrical roller bearings

2 – Angular contact thrust ball bearings 4 – Gauges


Spherical plain bearings, bushings and rod ends

1 – Spherical plain bearings                                             3 – Rod ends

2 – Bushings, washers and strips


Bearing units

1 – Ball bearing units                                                          3 – Roller bearing plummer (pillow) block units

2 – Roller bearing flanged units


Bearing housings

1 – Split plummer (pillow) block housings,

2 – SNL and SE 2, 3, 5 and 6 series                                 10 – SNLN 30 series

3 – SNL 30, 31 and 32 series                                             11 – SED 30, 31, 32 and 39 series

4 – SONL series                                                                    12 – SAF and SAW series (inch dimensions)

5 – Split pillow (plummer) block housings, SDAF series (inch dimensions)

6 – Non-split plummer (pillow) block housings and take-up housings, SBD and THD series

7 – Flanged housings, FNL series                                  13 – Two-bearing housings, PD series

8 – Housings for paper machines, SBFN, SBPN and SDM series

9 – Trunnion beearing housings, FSDR .. K series


Industrial seals: Power transmission seals


Bearing heaters: The comprehensive SKF heater range can be used for mounting or dismounting by efficiently heating bearings and work pieces, both large and small.


Thermometers: Accurate temperature measurement of general equipment


Digital tachometer: Pinpoint accuracy combined with measurement versatility


Endoscopes: Fast and easy inspection with video function. The endoscope can be equipped with a flexible, semi-rigid or articulated tip tube.



Timken friction management and power transmission solutions help customers operate faster and more efficiently – increasing productivity, uptime and performance in a wide range of applications and markets.


Timken Bearing Products

Timken is a leader in all bearing types, including ball, cylindrical, needle, tapered, thrust and spherical. Related products such as housed units, integrated bearing assemblies, precision assemblies and aerospace bearings offer additional features and performance capabilities.


Timken Power Transmission Componenets & Systems

We offer a broad range of power transmission products for automotive, aerospace and general industrial applications. From gearing products and gearbox assemblies to finger followers and precision shafts, we have the products you need to power your application.


Timken Lubrication Products

Timken lubrication reduces friction, prevents wear, carries away heat and protects bearing surfaces from corrosion. Our product line includes specially formulated grease for most industrial and automotive applications. Lubricators are available to dispense grease at regular intervals, simplifying maintenance procedures.


Chain and Auger

We offer a full line of Drives® roller chain, including precision roller chain, attachment roller chain, corrosion-resistant chain and Extended Life CHP® chain. We also design and manufacture both helicoid and sectional augers for applications like conveying, digging and combines.


Timken Product Seals

Seals protect equipment and prevent contamination. Timken seals can enable optimum performance and are available for automotive and industrial applications.


Timken Motion Control Systems

Timken offers a wide range of motion control solutions for industrial and automotive systems in braking, steering, hydraulic control and automatic transmissions. Sensing products include a broad selection of speed and direction sensors.



Rolling and Plain Bearings

Bearings for rotary motion are designed as rolling bearings or plain bearings. A distinction is drawn as to whether the forces occurring between the parts movable relative to each other are transmitted by rolling or sliding elements.


Linear Rolling Bearings and Linear Plain Bearings

Linear bearings are bearing elements for translation type motion. As in the case of rotary bearings, a distinction is drawn as to whether the forces occurring are transmitted by means of rolling or sliding elements.


Mounting and dismounting

Our product range comprises tools for the mechanical, hydraulic and thermal mounting and dismounting of rolling bearings. Mechanical tools are used predominantly for smaller bearings. Medium-sized and large rolling bearings are mainly mounted and dismounted using hydraulic or thermal tools. The range is logically rounded off by measurement and inspection devices (such as transport tools and gloves).



Rolling bearing greases Arcanol offer the best conditions for achieving reliable, durable and cost-effective bearing arrangements. These greases are designed to give favourable running behaviour of the bearings and thus make an important contribution to preventing premature bearing failure. The Arcanol range is graduated such that almost all areas of application can be covered to an optimum extent. It includes both standard and special greases.



These products assist in the alignment of shafts and belt pulleys and the checking of belt tension. This reduces wear of bearings and seals, resulting in reduced heat development as well as higher economic efficiency through reduced energy consumption, and increasing machines’ running times and reliability.